Zendaya Wore the Most Classic French Manicure This Weekend — See Photos
Edward Berthelot

Zendaya wore the most classic French manicure 

This timeless nail look will never go out of style as long as icons keep wearing it.

Zendaya can do no wrong in the beauty stakes. We love when celebrities go full throttle on their manicures with seemingly unwieldy lengths, intricate designs, and creative charms to top it all off. But we're equally fond of subtle celebrity manicure moments, like glazed donut nails and French manicures — the latter of which Zendaya wore as the perfect contrasting complement to her ornate outfit this past weekend. 

Zendaya attended the the launch of Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai looking — as you might have guessed — absolutely gorgeous. Law Roach styled her in an elaborately embroidered custom gown and bralette by Indian couture designer Rahul Mishra and jewellery by Bulgari. The look was dramatic, glistening, and rich in colour — but Zendaya's manicure looked fabulous without stealing any of the ensemble's thunder.

If you take a close look, you'll see the Euphoria star is wearing the most timeless yet trendy nail look: a French manicure. The shorter, oval shape is coated with a base of neutral pink and topped off with the unmistakeable white tips of a French mani — perhaps a thin enough stripe to categorise it as a micro-French manicure.

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Zendaya is definitely one to make her more major style statements with her hair or her clothing, choosing lower-key nail looks like her recent your-nails-but-better manicure and simple silver nails at last year's Oscars. But even if her manicure isn't the center of attention, it doesn't mean it isn't noteworthy.

This article originally appeared on Allure.