Tuesday Choose Day Vote For Your Fashion Picks Of The Week

Tuesday Choose Day: Time to vote for (and buy!) your favourite products in this week's edit of our Fashion Editor's favourite picks

Time to try your hand at being a fashion critic...

The loyal fans amongst you likely already know exactly what the phrase 'Tuesday Choose Day' means, but for those of you so far unaware... you're in for a real treat.

Have you ever seen an item of clothing or an accessory in the pages of your favourite magazine (GLAMOUR UK) or on your favourite fashion website (glamourmagazine.co.uk) and wondered what your friends/colleagues would say if you wore it? Whether you'd get admiring or confused looks on the street? Or even whether it's just you that doesn't quite get it? After all, fashion is subjective and one woman's trash (super old and scuffed designer mules) is another woman's treasure (vintage! Dior! mules!).

While fashion is also a very individual, personal thing, it's a very human emotion to care what people think. Whether or not it's cool to admit it, the opinions of others matter.

One of @glamouruk's most popular Instagram story series to date, Tuesday Choose Day gives you, our reader, the chance to try your hand at being a fashion critic; voting on products selected by our Fashion Editor as some of the hottest of the week and finding out whether your opinion falls amongst the majority or the minority.

Head to @glamouruk's Instagram stories to vote, and (almost more importantly) scroll down below here to shop.

And remember, the least popular doesn't always mean the least stylish; high fashion doesn't always have mass market appeal. Perhaps you're a more discerning fashion critic than you give yourself credit for...


Sculpting Short Mid Thigh with Open Gusset

Medium Control Secret Slimming Full Slip


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Running Shoes

Gel-Nimbus 25


Mirrored Disc Crop Top

Stevie Nicks Scoop Neck Tee


JW Anderson Striped Polo Short Sleeved Dress

JW Anderson Long Cricket Vest


Maison Margiela Tabi Split-Toe Leather Ballet Flats

Ballet Pumps


Denim Bag with Rhinestones

ASOS LUXE All Over Pearl Embellished Wide Leg Jeans

Head to @glamouruk to vote in this week's Tuesday Choose Day poll...