Saie Beauty Has Just Launched a New Foundation And We Were Amongst The First To Try It.

This Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation might be the answer to achieving satin skin

Give us all the glow.

Saie Beauty created quite the buzz when they first launched back in 2019, quickly amassing a cult following from makeup stans all over TikTok and celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Gwyneth Paltrow. The range includes all the main products we need for the dewiest glow and covers liquid blushers, bronzers, tinted moisturisers the lot.

Joining the Saie family is this brand new Glowy Super Skin Foundation which was created as the perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve a natural, healthy-looking glow.

What's special about this foundation is it's lightweight, silky texture which still provides good coverage for a wide range of skintypes (it covers 36 flexible shades), as it's buildable, allowing you to achieve your desired coverage level without feeling heavy or cakey. It then applies smoothly and evenly onto the skin, providing a flawless and radiant finish. 

This serum-based formula is formulated with 85% skin care ingredients, and powered by Saie’s trademarked Hydrobounce complex with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, rice bran peptides as well as squalane and glycerin. This means it can leave the skin looking and feeling five times more hydrated, even in your most active days. In a way it's the perfect makeup-skincare hybrid, so we wanted to see how it faired in real life. We asked five GLAMOUR staffers on their truest and most honest opinions and here are their thoughts.

The Product:

Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation

The Reviews:

Shei, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Writer

Shade: 29

I haven’t been reaching for foundation in a while. I struggle with my hyperpigmentation and the occasional blemishes but usually concealer is enough. However, during the colder months I’m keen to reach for a dewy base, because my skin is so dry. I was excited to try this brand new Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation because I am already a big fan of their cream blush and other base products and wanted to consider adding something super glowy but super lightweight, that still provides coverage back into my everyday makeup routine.

This foundation did not disappoint. On the first swipe it does give quite a bit of coverage, but if you want something to really cover those darker spots you can always layer up. The magic however, is in the name. When they said glowy, they were not playing. As glowy as it was, it still didn’t feel sticky, and the shine could be balanced by applying a dash of setting powder. That combo was dreamy. It gave me the healthiest looking glow within a few swipes, evened out my skin tone and highlighted all the high spots of my face giving me lots of definition. Will I reach for it again? You know what, I think I will…

Rating: 8/10

Lian, GLAMOUR’s Audience Development Manager

Shade: 16

I'm constantly searching for the perfect foundation. To me, that's a lightweight formula that has decent coverage and lasts through the day without looking too heavy or matte. Essentially, it needs to look like my own skin, but on an amazing skin day. With olive skin in particular it can be tough to find a colour match that isn't overly yellow toned or likewise too reddish, with most giving a final result that doesn't look quite right.

However, I'm pleased to report that Saie's foundation was not only a great colour match, but also ticked all of the above boxes for me. Shade 16 gave me a healthy glow, while the formula itself was light yet moisturising - the perfect thing for winter when foundation can quickly feel drying and cakey, or likewise summer when you need something not too heavy. This is the first time I've tried anything from this brand and I would definitely go back to buy this one again. Obsessed.

Rating: 9/10

Georgia, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Writer

Shade: 10

Could this be my new favourite foundation? I am a dry skin girly so anything glowy has my name written all over it, and this new formula from Saie was no exception. Extremely full coverage (enough to cover my vitiligo patches), yet really natural looking (like I’d just applied my skincare), it wore well throughout the day and didn’t crease nearly as much as I thought it might. I will say you definitely need to set it with powder, though, as it will transfer if you’re someone - like me - who touches their face a lot. The colour match was slightly too orange for me, too, but it did match my fake tan which will save me my usual job of mixing shades next time, so it gets a thumbs up for future use.

Rating: 8/10

Denise, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Writer

Shade: 4

When it comes to complexion products, I can be veeery picky, especially if we’re talking about foundation. I used to be a big stan of the good ol’ full coverage foundation, but now, I’m all about a natural, skin-like finish. And as a dry-skinned gal, my biggest enemy is dry patches, so a hydrating formula is a must for me. When I got my hands on the new Saie foundation, I had high expectations, especially considering the success of the brand’s previous launches. 

To see how it performs on its own, I opted to apply it without a primer or a moisturiser and skipped my usual pre-makeup skin prep. Right off the bat, I loved the liquid-y consistency and the hydrating formula. Plus, the application and blendability was super seamless – no dry patches in sight. It gave my skin a beautiful “lit-from-within” type of glow with a “glass skin” finish. But if you like me, prefer a balance of glow and matte, don’t be alarmed, because this foundation works great with powders too. All you need to do is set your T-zone with a setting powder and you’re good to go. A must for the summer. 

Rating: 8/10

Hannah, Conde Nast Marketing Manager

Shade: 19

When choosing foundation, I steer away from super full coverage and anything that feels heavy on my skin. The Saie foundation is a beautifully lightweight and glowy product that blended like a dream so testing this out was a treat. I went for shade 19 which to be honest was a touch dark for me right now (wishful-summer-skin thinking) so I held back a little and applied a pretty sheer base which gave a really nice coverage and evened out my skin tone without needing to apply too much. It melted beautifully into my skin using the dense Saie brush, and cream blush/bronze product sat really nicely on top.

The finish is definitely on the dewy end of the scale, so if you’re an oily skin girl like me, a powder will come in handy to keep the dewiness under control. All in all a lovely glowy foundation, I’m looking forward to wearing this in the warmer months but will remember to take some setting powder on the go with me to keep the T-zone cute!

Rating: 8/10

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