We review Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks in all shades before anyone else and here are our thoughts
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We were the first to try these Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks and here are our honest thoughts

Contour galore.

Yes, the rumours are true, Milk Makeup has just launch the coolest, dinkiest and most adorable contour sticks and we are so here for it. Milk Makeup products have been hype queens for a while now, from their Kush Mascara, £23 to that Hydro Grip Primer, £17, which quickly became TikTok's staple product. Now they’re adding a cool addition to their bronze sticks family, in the form of these easy-to-use, cream-based contour sticks.

They come in four matte, cool-toned and diverse shades, to cover a wide range of skin tones from light to deep, so you can match it to your complexion and achieve that natural, lifted and sculpted look. They do this by creating a subtle, natural-looking shadow effect to add instant depth and dimension to your face.

As for the formula, the sculpt sticks are designed to be ultra-blendable, making it easy to achieve a flawless finish that looks like real skin. The cream formula glides smoothly onto the skin, making it easy to apply and blend with your fingers or a brush. They’re also tiny, so you have more control upon application. Then of course comes their skincare super powers – it wouldn’t be a Milk product if it didn’t carry a hybrid makeup-to-skincare formula. They are made with a nourishing thyme extract blend designed to hydrate and blend more seamlessly.

We are back in our contour era so we decided to put all four shades of these brand new Milk Sculpt Sticks to the test before everyone else, so we can tell you if it’s worth the money.

The Product:

Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks

The Reviews:

Shei, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Writer

Shade: Sizzle

I very rarely contour, I usually just play with my natural skin tone and concealer. However, I was keen to give these adorably dinky slim twist-up tubes of Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks a go as I just found them too adorable to turn down. The formula is gorgeous. This buildable cream contour stick felt so easy to use, and took all the guesswork out of soft-sculpting. All I needed was just one swift swipe, a bit of blending and I was good to go. Because the formula is so hydrating it meant that it could glide across the skin easily and made my contour look seamless and subtle, without harsh lines, cakeing or heavy blending needed. 

Rating: 9/10

DENISE, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Writer

Shade: Stoked

I’m a big stan for cream makeup products. Not only do they provide a seamless blend but they also help achieve the most natural-looking base. But out of all other complexion products, cream contour is one of the hardest things to get right. It has to be buttery enough to blend easily but not so quick-drying that it sets as soon as it touches your face. Then there’s the issue with undertones. I want my contour cool-toned but not to the point where it leaves a grey-ish cast on my face. I have to say, as soon as I unpacked my shade (“Stoked”), I fell in love with how cute and compact the packaging was – I’m all for saving space in my busy beauty cupboard. But what impressed me the most was the consistency. I couldn’t get enough of how buttery and creamy it was upon application. Unlike other contour sticks on the market, this one is not too quick-drying, making the blending process that much easier. I loved how the shade complimented my complexion and how it worked with the rest of my makeup – no patchiness in sight. Definitely my new go-to.

Rating: 9/10

Sophie, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Editor

Shade: Toasted

I use a contour stick on the daily, so I’m always open to intro’ing new launches into my makeup routine. And since Milk is famously affordable and vegan, I was particularly keen to see what the Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks was capable of. To be honest, I think the shade was slightly off for me - I had Toasted, which is cool-toned, and something warmer would usually be my preference, but that’s not a fault of the product. I loved the small size, which is super easy to throw in my bag for on-the-go top-ups, and I loved the creamy consistency. I didn’t feel it was quite as blendable and pigmented as some other contour sticks I’ve tried, but if you’re after a subtle finish it should be right up your street. 

Rating: 7/10

Lian, GLAMOUR’s Audience Development Manager

Shade: Toasted

Anything that helps streamline my getting ready process, I'm all for, so having a contour stick that applies in a few smooth swipes is a big win for me. The Milk sculpt cream contour stick has the perfect blendable texture while still being super pigmented. I like a more natural, subtle finish so loved the matte effect of the product. It buffed out with ease while also being buildable for those favouring a sharper finish. The shade toasted was a good match for me and looked a lot more convincing than other contours I've used before. It's the definition of small but mighty, and its compact size makes this the perfect thing to throw in a bag when travelling, plus it would be ideal for shaping more awkward to reach areas like the nose. I'm used to contour products with a dryer texture so it took some getting used to, but within a few swipes I was converted.

Rating: 8/10

Chrissie, GLAMOUR’s Social Media Creative Producer

Shade: Stoked

I was super excited to try this product as I've heard great things about Milk Makeup, and this was my first time trying one of their products. The packaging was super duper cute and makes it easy to apply. The product glides across your skin so well. I was disappointed in the colour itself as it looked really warm on the stick itself, however upon application, it was really grey and slightly washed, so didn't match up to what I had expected. But it still did the job.

Rating: 6/10

Milk Makeup Sculpt Sticks

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