Here's how to fall asleep fast according to a 'sleep coach'

The golden rules for how to fall asleep *fast*, according to the experts

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Get at least 1 hour of direct daylight (outside or sitting by a window) before midday
There’s a strong and undeniable link between natural light and sleep. Daylight and darkness are cues in your brain that naturally link your internal body clock (circadian rhythm) to the outside or ‘sun clock’. So the later in the day you get sunlight, the more your body clock becomes delayed. Do a quick morning walk to kickstart your day or have your coffee or breakfast outside. If you’re short on time, try adding this walk to your commute by getting off a stop earlier or parking your car a little further away than usual.

Eat three regular meals evenly spread throughout the day
Sticking with regular meals throughout your day helps to support your circadian rhythm which boosts your chances of better sleep. Skipping meals in favour of then eating a bigger dinner isn’t great for sleep as it means your digestive system is working double time. Instead, look to eat smaller, more manageable meals.

Don’t psych yourself out

We never really think about our sleep until we lose it. However, studies have suggested that one of the main causes of poor sleep is actually worrying about sleep itself. When we sleep, we don’t just sleep in one single block, we now know that we sleep cycles which transition us between REM and deep sleep. But as we transition between the cycles, we usually wake up for microseconds but then immediately fall back to sleep without any recollection of theses awakenings. However sometimes, in times of high stress, or noisey or uncomfortable environments we fully wake up - and therefore waking up at nighttime for those who do not have sleep disorders, can often just be a natural but inconvenient part of sleep. The best thing we can do is to prepare for these awakenings and by having a plan, and acknowledge that waking up is just a part of the sleep process, we can take the stress out of waking up at night.

The foot rub hack that helps you nod off

If you love a quirky hack, a post shared by Viola Levy shows a super simple 'foot rub' hack inspired by the ancient art of acupressure. She wrote: "Thanks to @pointspace_ for sending me this acupressure diagram for insomnia. Normally see her for acupuncture when I can’t sleep but obviously that’s not allowed. Anyone struggling to sleep she advises the following:

  • “Try rubbing the point on your foot in the “v” shape area between your big toe and second toe. (LIV-3)
  • Using your thumb, don’t worry about the exact location because your thumb covers so much more surface area than a needle, but with firm (but not painful) rubs you should feel a nice ache.
  • Try doing that for 15 minute about half hour before bedtime. You can do it for longer than 15 minutes but it’s quite boring to do it on yourself and your thumbs will start aching. But if you feel like it, go for it!!”

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Warm milk before bed

Another favourite trick is to drink warm milk. "This really does work," says wellness expert Marie Reynolds. “Milk Peptides follow the same neurological pathways as tranquillisers. Milk peptides help with a restful sleep and also boost cognitive functions during the day.”

Change of scene

If that doesn't work for you, Katheryn Pinkham, Sleep and Insomnia Expert and Founder of the Insomnia Clinic, has another simple hack for nodding off, explaining: “The best thing you can do when you can’t fall asleep is to literally leave the room. Get up and go and sit in the living room. A change of scenery and disassociating yourself with the room where you can’t fall asleep will work wonders. Head back into bed after five minutes or so and you’ll nod off.” Genius.

Lavender and moonflower

We all know that lavender is handy for helping you nod off but combined with moonflower and it's a sure-fire winner. As Emma South our Jo Malone London Fragrance & Lifestyle Expert, explains: “Lavender is proven to have soporific qualities and has been found not only conducive to falling asleep, but studies also suggest it may improve the quality of sleep. The Lavender & Moonflower Pillow Mist from Jo Malone makes a perfect lullaby of tranquil notes; the cool clean tones of lavender, locally sourced from Norfolk, are cushioned in the comfort of white musk and the ethereal softness of night-blooming moonflowers. The hue of these iconic blooms is also significant, violet/lavender blues are the last colours discernible at dusk and interestingly seen as the colours of ‘calm’ - the Night Collection is fittingly bottled in twilight blue glass.”

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