What is TikTok's hair theory
Valentina Frugiuele

What is TikTok's hair theory? This is what your hairstyle reveals about your personality

An expert explains what your hairstyle says about you.

TikTok is a trend haven, from day dumping, to cottagecore and even the use of its problematic Bold Glamour filter. But the latest trend? Hair theory. 

Videos using the #hairtheory hashtag have seen an impressive 48.3 million views as users - generally young women - flock to the app to try the theory themselves. 

The video shows these users wearing their hair in several different hairstyles, as the theory seeks to show that the way you wear your hair can change how you look and how you’re perceived. 

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“Hairstyles can reflect your personality, style, and confidence, and all of these factors can influence how people view you,” Caroline Brooks, founder of The Glasshouse Salon and Spa, says.

“For example, a more adventurous, colourful hairstyle may signify a bolder, experimental personality, while a sleeker, more classic cut may suggest a more sophisticated, professional person.”

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As shown by the umpteen videos sitting under the hashtag, hair truly does have the power to transform your whole look (or, “hair is everything”, as per Fleabag). 

“The length, colour, style and texture of hair can have an impact on how others perceive you and also have an effect on how you feel yourself,” Caroline explains. 

“Getting a fresh blow-dry can make you feel more confident, and a new colour can make you feel more refreshed, but a bad hair day can make you feel self conscious. Hair styles can also be a way to express ourselves and talk about our own personality and style.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

One of the reasons why hair theory is trending is because TikTok users believe that the way someone wears their hair can tell you a lot about the person. With this in mind, we asked Caroline to give her verdict on five popular hairstyles and what each one says about the wearer. 

  • Down and natural: “Even though it's often one of the easier styles to create, down and natural indicates a relaxed approach to beauty,” Caroline explains. “It's an effortless look and suggests that the wearer is comfortable in their own skin.”
  • Half up, half down: “This hairstyle is a mix of relaxed and chic. It's a versatile look, as it can go from casual to formal events. It suggests a balance of practicality and style.”
  • In a sleek bun: “This hairstyle is sleek and elegant, giving off an air of sophistication. It indicates that the wearer is goal-oriented and strives for a polished appearance,” she says. “It can also be practical for those who want to keep their hair out of their face.”
  • In a ponytail: “This hairstyle is functional and practical. It suggests that the wearer is efficient and busy but still likes to keep it simple and stylish.”
  • Secured with a claw clip: “This hairstyle is both practical and stylish. It suggests that the wearer may be creative and enjoys playing around with different looks - while still maintaining functionality.”

Caroline adds that “one of the many” reasons why #hairtheory is trending is due to the “simple, easy-to-do tips and tricks that anyone can try at home”. A quick scroll through the videos and we’re certainly feeling inspired, who knew there were so many ways to wear your hair??